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How to choose the best colour pencils for the youngest artists?

Coloring is an activity that can keep a toddler busy for a long time. Although it is associated more with a form of play, we should remember that it brings many benefits to the youngest.


Learning to focus or developing motor coordination are just one of the many advantages of coloring. Many parents will admit that making a child concentrate on a specific task is in many cases not easy. Crayons come with help. Of course, the form of activity with crayons should be adjusted to the age of the child. The youngest will be great at abstract forms, slightly older children will successfully fill the contours of coloring books, while learning to be precise.


The crayon is uneven, so it is worth paying attention to which crayons we are using. Jumbo crayons will be the best for the youngest - in a slightly larger size than the standard ones. Their size and shape will provide better grip and comfort while drawing. Holding such a crayon does not require the same amount of force as with a regular one. Additionally, due to their size, they are more resistant to damage. Regardless of the size of the crayons, it is worth choosing those with a triangular shape - they teach the correct grip, and they will not run away from the table while coloring. As you delve into the art of coloring, it is worth reaching for various variants of crayons so that your toddler can discover new possibilities. For example, double-sided crayons can be a variety. A wide range of colors and an interesting form of crayons will certainly encourage a child to reach for them. An interesting proposition will also be metallized crayons that will allow you to create original drawings.



Paying attention to the quality of art supplies is not reserved for advanced professionals. When buying crayons for a toddler, it is worth choosing the ones that will serve him best and bring the most joy and satisfaction while coloring.

Remember that great art starts with the little one!